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I only clicked onto this because my real name is Atreyu (well, mines spelt differently). I though this was going to be the band but it wasn't, which was a relief. I hate their music. Good luck with your animations!

Well... sorry but

That was the coolest thing I have ever seen! wow, you kindof stole my idea, but I was going to do this in jail :) Anyway, You done this very very well, brilliant idea :) hope to meet you on Endless, Pm Martex :D well done, 10/10 5/5

Best... Mario song.. ever

I love the song! The animation fit perfectly, but I think the graphics could be abit better! Awesome work!

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Its ok I guess

I think that after you finished all the mini games that you should have shown a scoring system to see how well you did (say 1-1000 would be dumb and 1000000-1000000000000 would be nerd) :) Anyway all the games weren't that original except the gumball one, which was very hard to figure out what to do before the time ran out. I didn't like the pool ball one, adding was a pain having to refer to the bottom left corner. Good concept but could have been better.

I failed the test

I found it mostly fun to play, just a few things:
-Whats Ociana or w/e, Im aussie
-Im 0% Idiot? I find that hard to beleive
-wtf is a chav?

anyway, worth a go

Love the music

I clicked the game from the 'Back in the Day' audio and I just wanted to hear that song, but I really enjoyed the game. I really really liked the Illusion of Gaia *Illusion of Time in UK and AUS* questions because that was my favorite game on snes. Just one thing. When I got through the first 10 questions, all my lives were down and I didn't lose, so If I clicked a wrong answer, nothing happened. Therfor it was extremely easy for me to finish :P Anyway, Great game!

Lolzer responds:

Thank You :) For Commenting And Telling Me About The Bug i Will errange it later :)

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Could be soooooo much better!

You need to get the Orchestral plugin for FL and stop using FLKeys! It makes it sound so much better, and all your arrangements are brilliant, just the quality of the piano is so poor! If you want, I could give you a link, send me a message :)

Hoooooly shizzle!

Loved the xylophone and the shakers :DD Keep it up, and make more orchestral mario tunes!!
10/10 5/5 Downloaded :) Well done :)

Light headed...

Im suprised on why this song isn't recognised, not even review'd. I think this is a great medley but you should have put more songs in it! There are so many sounds going on that when I was listning to it on headphones, I had to kill the volume because it was making me dizzy! 9/10 5/5

RikuTMW responds:

Maybe it's not recognized because I am a relatively new artist here. :P

Thanks for the reveiw though... maybe I'll have a much longer medley some other time for Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy, or Star Ocean... If you like this, check out some of my other video game tributes


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